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  1. Marc Rivinius, Pascal Reisert, Daniel Rausch, and Ralf Küsters: Publicly Accountable Robust Multi-Party Computation. In 2022 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy, SP 2022, San Francisco, CA, US, May 22-26, pp. 2430-2449.
    Conference Version Technical Report Slides Recording

  2. Pascal Reisert, Marc Rivinius, Toomas Krips, and Ralf Kuesters: Arithmetic Tuples for MPC. In Cryptology ePrint Archive, Paper 2022/667.
    Technical Report

  3. David Mestel, Johannes Müller, and Pascal Reisert: How Efficient are Replay Attacks against Vote Privacy? A Formal Quantitative Analysis. In 35th IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium, CSF 2022, Haifa, Israel, August 7-10, pp. 179-194.
    Conference Version Technical Report

  4. Natasha Fernandes, Annabelle McIver, Catuscia Palamidessi, and Ming Ding: Universal Optimality and Robust Utility Bounds for Metric Differential Privacy. In 35th IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium, CSF 2022, Haifa, Israel, August 7-10, pp. 348-363.
    Conference Version Technical Report

  5. Nicolas Huber, Ralf Küsters, Toomas Krips, Julian Liedtke, Johannes Müller, Daniel Rausch, Pascal Reisert, and Andreas Vogt: Kryvos: Publicly Tally-Hiding Verifiable E-Voting. In Proceedings of the 2022 ACM SIGSAC Conference on Computer and Communications Security, CCS 2022, Los Angeles, CA, USA, November 7-11, pp. 1443-1457.
    Conference Version Technical Report

  6. Filippo Galli, Sayan Biswas, Gangsoo Zeong, Tommaso Cucinotta, and Catuscia Palamidessi: Group privacy for personalized federated learning. International Workshop on Federated Learning: Recent Advances and New Challenges, in Conjunction with NeurIPS 2022, FL-NeurIPS'22, New Orleans, LA, USA, December 2.
    Workshop Version Technical Report

  7. Mayar Elfares, Zhiming Hu, Pascal Reisert, Andreas Bulling, and Ralf Küsters: Federated Learning for Appearance-based Gaze Estimation in the Wild. NeurIPS 2022 Gaze Meets ML Workshop, GMML 2022, New Orleans, LA, USA, December 3, to appear in the Proceedings for Machine Learning Research (PMLR).
    Technical Report


  1. Divi De Lacour, Marc Lacoste, Mario Südholt, and Jacques Traoré: Towards Scalable Resilient Federated Learning: A Fully Decentralised Approach. Workshop on Pervasive and Resource-constrained AI, PeRConAI 2023, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, March 13-17, to appear.
    Poster (at DATAIA Workshop FL-Day)

  2. Pascal Reisert, Marc Rivinius, Toomas Krips, and Ralf Küsters: Overdrive LowGear 2.0: Reduced-Bandwidth MPC without Sacrifice. In Proceedings of the 2023 ACM Asia Conference on Computer and Communications Security, ASIACCS 2023, Melbourne, Australia, July 10-14, to appear.

  3. Marc Rivinius, Pascal Reisert, Sebastian Hasler, and Ralf Küsters: Convolutions in Overdrive: Maliciously Secure Convolutions for MPC. In Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Technologies 2023(3) / 23rd Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium, PoPETs/PETS 2023, Lausanne, Switzerland and Online, July 10-15, to appear.
    Technical Report Code



  1. Bastien Vialla: CRYPTECS. Video Presentation at the Workshop interdisciplinaire sur la sécurité globale, WISG 2022, Online, January 26-26.

  2. Catuscia Palamidessi: Differential Privacy: From the Central Model to the Local Model and their Generalization. Invited talk at the Collège de France, Sécurité du logiciel: quel rôle pour les langages de programmation? 2022, Paris, France, March 24.
    Slides Recording

  3. Sven Trieflinger: Carbyne Stack – Open-source cloud-native Secure Multiparty Computation. Invited talk at Workshop on Theory and Practice of Multi-Party Computation, TPMPC 2022, Aarhus, Denmark, June 7-10.
    Abstract Slides (access restricted)   Recording

  4. Sven Trieflinger: Carbyne Stack - Cloud Native Computing on Encrypted Data. Contributed talk at Emerging OS Forum, Open Source Summit North America 2022, OSS-NA 2022, Austin, Texas, USA, June 21-24.
    Abstract Slides

  5. Sven Trieflinger: Scaling the Grail - Cloud-Native Computing on Encrypted Data using Carbyne Stack. Invited talk at StackConf '22, Berlin, Germany, July 19-22.
    Abstract Recording

  6. Catuscia Palamidessi: Information Structures for Privacy and Fairness. Keynote at the Federated Logic Conference, FLoC 2022, Haifa, Israel, July 31-August 12.

  7. Sven Trieflinger: One year of Carbyne Stack - Retrospective and Outlook. Contributed talk at CarbyneStackCon 2022, Stuttgart, Germany, October 27.
    Abstract Recording

  8. Vincent Rieder: Cost-effective MPC from an offline phase with low communication. Contributed talk at CarbyneStackCon 2022, Stuttgart, Germany, October 27.
    Abstract Recording

  9. Pascal Reisert: Generalized Tuples for MP-SPDZ. Contributed talk at CarbyneStackCon 2022, Stuttgart, Germany, October 27.
    Abstract Recording



  1. Robert Bosch GmbH: Carbyne Stack - Cloud Native Secure Multiparty Computation Platform.
    Website GitHub Organization


  1. Orange S.A.: Cryptecs/GPSGhoster. Demonstrator of an Android App with Differential Privacy for Geolocalization.



  1. Sebastian Becker and Sven Trieflinger: Open Source Cloud Native Secure Multiparty Computation. Virtual Booth at MPC Alliance Data Privacy & Security Conference, Virtual, October 26, 2021.
    Website Tutorial (requires registration)


  1. Jan Paul Reimann: Secure Multiparty Computation – die Technologie der Zukunft. Newspaper Report in Tagespiegel Background, November 28, 2022.
    Article (German)
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